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Artist Tige Reeve was born in Huntington Beach California but raised in the high desert landscape of Reno, Nevada where he began to pursue an
education in fine art by first attending the University of Nevada Reno before moving to Nashville, Tennessee where he earned a degree in graphic design from Watkins College of Art.

"My background in design was essential in my development as an artist. It has given me tools to better communicate visually through my works of art," Tige explains, "Creating art for me is all about exploration, whether it is a new medium, technique or process… I am constantly problem-solving, pushing myself beyond where I have been before."

The artist's use of rich colors and compositions reflects this statement, with vivid earth hues from deep rust to burnt reds and oranges to vibrant tones of blue. Tige's work transcends mere abstracts, representational and
non-representational works and speaks of complex, yet subtle layering of paint, iconography, typography, images and other media from metal to organic elements.